Welcome to the new Engimek website

Engimek has moved to a bigger facility and therefore has improved the information in its web. Do not hesitate on visiting it completely and contact with us in case yor require any further additional information about our activities and products.


Engimek Ingenieria

ENGIMEK Ingeniería CAD-CAE raises in 2001, with the target of supplying an integral Machanical Engineering service, from first lay-outs until fabrication launching process, offering its colaboration on:

  • 3D/2D Mechanical Design
  • FEA, Engineering calculations
  • Prototype parts manufacturing

These 3 working areas can apply directly to the different industrial sectors where Engimek develops its projects. Basically, depending on customer requirements, these sectors can group as follows:

  • PRODUCT ENGINEERING,  calculation, design and components fabrication.
  • PROCESS ENGINEERING  calculation, design, assembling and set-up, at customer's facility, of taylor made machinery and  fabrication and measuring toolings.
  • MOTORSPORT, ENGIMEK last years growing area, focusing on  chasis parts and suspensions calculation, design and manufacturing.

Our customers

The ENGIMEK target is unique: GIVE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTORY SOLUTIONS. Our flexibility makes us able to adapt to each one's requirements.

Industrial area: